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The Master's Trestleboard


Greetings Brethren,

My term goals can be summed up as history, activity, and fraternity.

2024 is a special year for Waverly Lodge as we celebrate our 170 th year. Accordingly, there will be points during the year where we take time to reflect on our history, especially focused on our founding.

I plan to continue many of the popular activities from last year into next year. This
includes the quarterly formal nights out, lodge picnic in association with the cancer walk, support of our Little League team with a picnic, and if they are willing the bagpipers performing around St. Patrick’s Day.


I will be introducing or reintroducing new activities such as monthly lodge visitations, a re-obligation night, a march madness bracket challenge, a visit to the renaissance faire near Kenosha, and other family friendly and lodge specific activities.

Many of these activities have already been updated to the lodge calendar. If you do not know how to find the calendar, please ask. The google calendar can be added right to your personal calendar in your phone.

For the first time in my memory, we have a group of spouses that have an interest in
doing things together. This has always been a missing link for us as our older generations were less interested as they viewed the lodge as something for the men
only. My thanks to Sari Dutton for leading this initiative among our partners. If your
spouse or partner is interested in participating, please communicate this to W:. Josh
Dutton who can pass along contact information to his lady.


It is my intention that we continue to deepen our lodge fraternally as we continue to
grow with new members. Last year was a very successful year for new members and
2024 looks to be starting off strong as well with three candidates in progress as of
installation. To this end, I am supporting an initiative driven by Bro. Stark to focus on ritual work. I hope we can fill all degree parts this year and perform from memory. This is no small task but is within our reach. We have also seen the return to lodge of some inactive members. This is extremely exciting and reinforces that we ore walking the walk not just talking the talk.


My thanks to all the brethren that have agreed to serve the lodge in various ways this year. The lodge cannot function without you. I hope you enjoy your time and learn something about yourself along the way.



Jonathan Foster, PM
Worshipful Master

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