Waverly Masonic Lodge #51
Waverly Masonic Lodge #51

Why Am I A Mason?

Simply, Freemasonry builds and advances the character of men to make them better.


Building on principals of moral integrity, Freemasons hold brotherly love as paramount to the benefit of mankind. Whether through charitable acts, or by direct involvement, Freemasonry has dedicated itself to the prosperity of mankind.


On the individual level, Freemasonry builds on moral philosophy, through allegorical symbols to impart rich and complex meanings about the divine. What that means is through Masonic education, individuals are given their own personal building blocks to contribute to the build of their own personal moral character, and then charged with applying that purpose in their day-to-day life.


It does not act to impart religion to its membership, instead it builds on the tenants and virtues taught by all religions, including a faith in the divine, the application of the Golden Rule, and the value of leading a moral virtuous life, all with the drive to put these ideas into personal practice. It promotes the active participation in the member's individual faith tradition, charging them to build their spiritual character.


Throughout the Mason's life, the lessons of morality and ethics are revisited through the extensions of the various bodies of Freemasonry, building on the principals of Freemasonry. Seldom can a Mason say they have learned all of the meanings taught to them through the degrees.

By serving to promote brotherly love Masons are now involved in extended levels of charity and benevolence to meet the needs of those least able in society.


To serve as an example, Freemasons are involved in all of these charitable or educational organizations, giving to the needs of others.


  • Childhood language disorders
  • Treatment for birth defects
  • Scholarship and direct grants to children and grandchildren of Scottish Rite Masons as well as to members of DeMolay, Job's Daughters, Rainbow for Girls, and other Masonic youth groups
  • Research on diabetes
  • A summer camp for underprivileged childrenArteriosclerosis research
  • Cancer research
  • Training awards for religious leadership and those making religious work their career
  • A museum and monument to George Washington
  • Grants to students at in Schools of Government and Business
  • Administration and International Affairs
  • Dental care for handicapped children
  • Scholarship assistance to nursing students
  • Geriatric research
  • Child development for good citizenship and sound character for boys and girls
  • Outpatient services for cancer treatment
  • Low cost education loans
  • Eye surgery and prescription glasses
  • Treatment for cancer patients and cancer research support
  • Masonic Hospital Visitation Program for V.A. Hospital volunteers
  • Research in heart disease, cancer, aging, hypertension, and blood substitutes
  • Meeting and performance facilities at the International Peace Garden
  • A clearinghouse on Masonic information
  • Education of youth about drugs and alcohol
  • Ohio Special Olympics
  • A non-denominational chapel for mediation and religious services at the International Peace Garden
  • Research into the causes and treatment of schizophrenia and related disorders
  • Research into auditory perception disorders in children
  • A Georgia children's medical center
  • A museum and library focusing on our American heritage as well as Freemasonry's role in the history of our country
  • The first public library in the District of Columbia
  • Scholarships and fellowships for Ph.D. candidates in Public School Administration
  • Support for students seeking degrees in fields associated with service to country and humanity
  • Orthopedic services to children through a network of 22 hospitals and treatment for burns victims at four burns centers
  • Support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • A provider of new shoes for needy Tennessee and Alabama childrenAn orthopedic, neurologic, and child development hospital in Texas
  • Operates a clinic for dyslexic and aphasia disorders in children
  • Provides needy homeless children with clothing and toiletries
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